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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is traffic from search engines the best?

As a specialist in SEO, you probably spend hours trying to fine tune SEO-campaign and increase traffic. Since the SEO account goes to inches, not miles, every single change can make a difference and, consequently, the campaign invested much time and effort. Thus, the question arises as to whether the traffic from search engines the best traffic you can attract to the site?

In this paper we evaluate different types of traffic based on the following characteristics: the duration of the generated traffic, the degree of control, speed of results and consistent results. This article does not purport to offer a single "best" source of traffic. It, however, the features of the visitors, along with strengths and weaknesses of each type of traffic.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic consists of users who directly entered the address of the page, or those who found it in the browser history and bookmarks. In addition, this includes cases of transitions from email-mailing list, or from a source that can not be traced (such traffic is also often referred to as direct). In this article we will concentrate on the first case of direct traffic.

Usually high rate of direct traffic points to increase brand awareness. This assures us that a large number of users has an idea about a particular domain, trust him, and expects to find there useful information and services. In most cases this is not new and regular users.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is visitors who clicked on the link, while at another site and got to a page of your site. A special type of referral traffic - one that comes from social networks, and in this article, we distinguish between them because they have different characteristics.

The increase in referral traffic shows that the site has an attractive content, and that other webmasters to offer its visitors by placing links on their pages. In most cases, pages receive most of the links - those that are also popular among users, and have quality content (Of course, there are times when a larger number of links is a result of the strategy of forming a reference mass) Getting links from certain sites with high traffic can attract influx of quality traffic to your website and increase your credibility. These references are usually difficult to obtain, and the best way of purchase - is to open an affiliate program, which may participate in other web-masters, or by developing innovative services and high quality content.

Traffic from social networks

Traffic from social networks is called the traffic that comes from online communities and social networks. It is considered part of the referral traffic, but we usually separate them, because they have different characteristics. The problem is that it is not always clear how to categorize incoming traffic from certain sources. For example, should we take into account the traffic from the forum or blog, as traffic from social networks? We propose to classify each source of traffic depending on its characteristics.

Increased traffic from social networking shows that the site is a popular choice for users, and around it there is "noise." Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that not all Web sites or pages become popular in social networks, since the volume of traffic is largely dependent on the nature of the content.

Traffic from search engines (natural)

Traffic from search engines - is traffic, which is formed as a result of unpaid visits to the various search engines. In this paper we consider the natural traffic from search engines.

Increase traffic from search engines shows that the site began a successful SEO-campaign. This means that the site is well developed, well-structured, has the best content and gets a lot of quality links.

Price-per-click (PPC) and paid traffic

Paid traffic - this is traffic that comes from advertising on the Internet. There are different types of paid traffic, such as CPC (Pay Per Click - PPC), paid inclusion, pay per impression, paid links, etc.

The increase in paid traffic does not guarantee a successful advertising campaign. Other measures, such as assessing the level of return (ROI) and performance is also very important. Due to the fact that this type of traffic is worth the money, you need to control it to improve your campaign performance.


So, let's go back to the original question. "Is traffic from search engines the best for your site?"

Of course, the traffic from search engines is a great source of traffic because it is an effective way to generate new targeted visitors at a very low price. Nevertheless, the SEO-campaign can affect algorithmic changes, successive various "best practices" as well as growing competition of popular keywords. As a result, there is always the risk that you will not appreciate, or if you suddenly lose the competitive rankings.

Keep in mind that in order to conduct a successful SEO-campaign, you need quality links that are at the same time a source of reference traffic. Of course, in order to get quality links, you need to attract regular visitors and have the strongest supporters who are willing to recommend you to others in social networks, or to place on your site to link to your site. Of course, there's always the ability to run PPC-campaign and get a quick result, but it will cost extra money and can not bring the expected results, if not carefully planned campaign.

In the end, the most important thing in this case - to find the optimal combination of each source and the right to use all available tools and resources . And how much traffic you would prefer to attract?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good knowledge is expensive, as are bearing fruit.

It is quite clear truth, but that the very notion of a good knowledge of sometimes confused and intertwined with the simple concept that's all. Good understanding of exactly what knowledge and experience can give, always give, but as with any source is exhausted, and then there is no eternal, then knowledge must continually be added, they must be recruited.

You can often hear from people who now earn more, and sometimes dofiga that now I know it and I did not need or anything, so I earn money.

Here we must understand one thing, these people used their knowledge to get the goal, hit a wave and all ... But like any wave goes to the bank and disappeared in the cycle, as well as a profit sooner or later it will end, but it is understood that while there is an opportunity and income, which more than exceeds, for the same money you can buy a knowledge of the money to invest in themselves, in their development, as it is, and you are all brain operations, and just knowing that what combining it with additional communication can be kept on a wave and just go from one to another, or stay on a few.

Also, you should understand one important thing:

  • It's hard to start, take the first step toward the goal
  • Easy to reach the goal if you have already taken the first step and other steps are done
  • It is hard to retain what has been achieved, as the competition of life is always present in our lives.

Thus, an understanding of the scheme development and achievement of goals gives you the image and drawing the necessary action.

You can also hear from people, and even successful, that now I earn now and then I will relax!

Lies, lies completely on life - life is a constant, earnings now can not stand anything then, man lives because that eats, breathes and moves constantly.

Imagine that you have stopped breathing. You simply die from lack of air, and in life, constant work, the ability to relax, permanent goals allow us to develop and reach of what we want, but we have to live, what would ever want more, and to achieve this. This is the beauty of our lives. Only losers want to do anything and get permanent income, first-class real people do, and get more time doing that would get the maximum, to become a leader and so on.

Given our society we can say that it brings lazy and gives them a chance to live, but for what? Because our society has been formed. In the Middle Ages or even the laws of nature survival of the fittest, and this is important, because only the fittest can give a good seed that will survive and will stand against any obstacles and the goal of all this life. We live for what is like to live and be the first and best. Hence the need for himself to do everything possible and impossible for the children? - Here the controversial question of money and want to live well, all the way open, given the knowledge, good genes and forth, all in their hands.

Life is so constructed that it is impossible to regret, so just relax and pity is the one regret is waiting for more Unfortunately, indulgences, here it is with the hawala someone stronger.

Because it is knowledge that is now more than play the role, strength and mind, as well as basic is the constant holding hands on the pulse of life.

Live, and aggressively seek - it is your life, live it more perfectly than a schmuck, it is better to take risks with the knowledge, than to take risks without thinking of wanting to win and burn. Take deliberate actions aiming at before, and once again make do, then what you think is most needed to achieve your goals.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Would you like to earn?

I decided to write a little note about how we should order that would make money and reach higher levels of earnings.

You probably noticed that I often write on my blog and it is no accident, just the majority of his I have all the white projects, these projects require a well thought-out work and not common, because the result is only with time. Regarding the post title, you want to earn?, It is not adequate for a little bit is written down, it sounds more like learn to earn. To be honest, all complicated really just to smile, and all because of all the complex has a simple basis, that's just need to sort through all the initially present and solve complex problems in parts, and then the challenges and goals you set will be easy and interesting solved.

  1. To draw an image problem, or that what you want
  2. Break the goal into smaller goals that will make it possible to achieve a greater goal
  3. Develop a plan for all this and be sure to focus on it
  4. While achieving, with new experiences, some items may be overlooked, and the plan can be altered
  5. Must learn how to achieve small goals that build the path to the main
  6. With perseverance and knowledge, anyone digging up what he wants, the whole point in time during which he will reach and whether it is in order.

Set a goal to earn $ 200 a month purely from an Internet to explore the possibility of achieving this result, and be sure to keep the scheme they will be useful in the future. Make three plan to achieve your goals and start with a more realistic in your view, but with the pull and the two others.

What does it mean. Upon reaching the first option you get a goal, what would, in this instance, $ 200, but you go one way and you will not know the realization of other, and began to pull the two others did not even reach $ 200 results you know the possibility of further use of this method, + get knowledge and is more than confident that when you'll get 500 bucks You will use the option and 1-2.

Achieve small goals, then the largest and the only way you will achieve all learn from your mistakes, make them if you can finance, if not, look for answers to your questions.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pay per Click vs. Pay per Action - for whom the future?

It's no secret that in recent years, an Internet business is rapidly becoming more and more civilized - not because people suddenly become cleaner and kinder, but because the major players, such as the major search engines and e-mail server, make everything to make communication with the Network Customer as efficient as possible and devoid of obstacles. Therefore, the era of rampant spam, junk sites and "black" methods of promotion are slowly but surely passing away. On the one hand, for webmasters who are accustomed to earning, so to speak, in the sale of air, it is not too happy trend. On the other - these trends raise the level of trust to the Internet from advertisers, which opens the way for a really good wages for those who are willing to deliver really good service.
In the Russian segment of the web, as usual, everything happens with some lag - but it's even useful, because it allows the example of West's "spy" as the Internet in the near future will evolve with us.
In terms of advertising is the most significant for the model Pay per Action. If the west online, this model has become, if not dominant, it is very much a few years ago, in RuNet any noticeable spread it bought recently. Compared to the good old Pay per Click, it has at least one unmatched advantage - an advertiser more willing to pay for advertising if he has to pay for a specific result, rather than abstract clicks or a little less abstract leads. Low-quality sites are here to catch something - but if the webmaster has reason to believe that his site is really able to attract advertiser clients, we have every reason to try their luck.
So far, the Russian-speaking Internet affiliate programs that work on the principle of PPA, not much, but those that have cause great interest, because for a long time and obviously doing their job successfully. An example would be, say, admitad.com - one of the oldest and most successful of these companions in RuNet (since 2009). The bottom line is that it is not even the affiliate program, as well as the creators say - affiliate network, affiliate aggregator that draws together the many advertisers and webmasters, thus simplifying the search for partners like those and others. In the end, to work with one program in which you can find everything you need much more comfortable than a few.
List of advertisers ensures that the PPA-ads really attracts a truly major advertisers, and you can find the most diverse lines of business, from computer games and children's products to banks and insurance agencies. Here are a few examples: Quelle, Homecredit, Bank of Tinkoff, tanks online, Messenger, Bonprix, CUM. Record payouts for webmasters (up to 300,000 rubles per day) not less eloquently, that the case is at the correct implementation is also very well paid.
Restrictions on the participation of virtually no - you can monetize virtually any traffic, except for obviously garbage. Another interesting aspect of this particular affiliate program is that the advertiser can not reject the webmaster, not explaining its actions.
In other words, admitad.com eloquently testifies to the fact that the future of the Internet business - it is a model for the PPA. In RuNet capitation shift has not occurred, but the long wait for it, and enterprising webmasters is a good opportunity to become part of the future now.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

How important is SEO for a blog?

I would like to speculate a little about seo blog promotion.
Do it or not? Should I spend money on it? Whether it is necessary to understand and delve into the basics of SEO and try yourself to promote your blog?
Everything, as always, and in fact, depends on the purposes for which you conduct your own blog.
If it is just "a hobby" for the sake of communication, you can not steamed.
Continue to write your posts and have fun! Good luck to you)))
The same thing seems to me, and for the "glamor" of personalities ... just a very well known. I believe that if you are mega cool Steve Jobs and Sergey Brin , the Plain you any page on the World Wide - it will be mega-visited in a few days ... And no matter how optimized
Your posts, which designs and other stuff ... your fans do not care!
But if you are a regular webmaster, who chose a niche for doing my blog, bought a hosting and domain name, set everything as it should, and wrote a few articles, SEO-promotion is a must!
I know some experienced SEO specialist who recently teamed up and opened his own office. So they are still at the stage of creating the site seo-studio-olimp.ru already engaged in its promotion seo-online.
To monetize the site is very important to have high rates of attendance, PR, etc.
All this is achieved much faster with proper seo-promotion. After all, seo - website optimization is to search engines. As you know, it is from them is the most traffic. It was from there comes the lion's share of visitors.
So do not ignore this.
From my own experience: my blog for more than 2 years but I am not engaged in his promotion. Just write a post, some announced in the social sphere, etc.
Hoped that the reference weight will grow naturally. But, in total, it grows veryyyyy slowly. And attendance has increased over the last year not as much as we would like ... (~ 78%) ...
After analyzing their actions and mistakes, I have come to the conclusion that necessarily need to pay attention to seo!!!
Who would not say that there ...
The only question is: to buy a seo professional or very prosharivatsya? ...
I think if you have money - in the battle (it will be enough, and $ 100 per month, you can, of course, more or less - depends on the optimizer)
If, for example, you have got a blog for extra money and do not expect to spend on search engine optimization, it is possible and very little understanding.
I myself act through the second.
In the network a lot of SEO-blogging, seo-communities, seo-forums. By the way, a couple of days ago, my friend, and by the way, the author of seo-blog, hurry up my invite to the biggest and in my opinion the best forum for webmasters. After reviewing this forum only possible to do high-quality seo-promotion and monetization of your blog!
I'm actually very happy that I can communicate in this forum. ))
In general, I continue to promote your blog to gain subscribers, and share their knowledge and experiences on blogging, investing, and manimeykingu on the Internet. And do not lose optimism.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update Penguin (Penguin) from Google: 5 types of problems that are harmful for websites

If you own a website, then surely you have been surprised to see that the position of your site dramatically decreased immediately after the release of Google Pack, codenamed Penguin? As shown earlier analysis, one of the main factors is the links leading to your website.
The main objective was to freeze the upgrade Penguin Web spam in search results Google. In addition to being a great piece of web spam, and links were with low-quality sites.

Natural links

First of all, Google considers links as "votes". So, in theory, the sites that get the most "votes" should be given the highest rating on Google, as more people find this a valuable resource.
Google analyzes the quantity, quality and relevance of the sites that link to your site. When Google looks at your profile link, it looks at what type of websites link to you how fast you are accumulating these links and anchor text (the combination of words to which you link), used referring website. When the algorithm of Google determines such things as a huge number of new options or as a disparity in the anchor text, he thinks of the sanctions.
How Google and many SEO-experts for many years taught us, you can get more options by creating a unique, authentic content, to which other people naturally want to refer.

Unnatural links

Sites that fall under the "punishment" after upgrading Penguin unites them is the lack of natural links. 5 major problems that are present in all sites in this category:
  1. Paid up links with anchor text exactly match the key : the wish to promote your site on a particular key, there is only one way to move - buying links on other websites using the key exact match. Google determines that it is paid up links created just for the fraud-rated PR, rather than to provide valuable information to visitors.
  2. Spam in the comments : The following two problems for sites that are trying to accumulate unnatural links on specific keywords crafty ways, are the captions in the comments, which contain the text of an exact match key, as well as in people who used the logins with the exact key.
  3. Guest posts on questionable websites: guest posts, and although the permissible manner of use are the links to the site, updating Penguin subjected to punishment, even those sites that are referred to other sites with low quality content, which are more focused on the use of anchor text, rather than the provision of important information.
  4. Catalogues Articles : lean content, containing links to the key as an exact match is another common factor.
  5. Links to unsafe websites : if you have any incoming links from sites that were identified as malicious, sites with endless pop-up ads or sending out spam? This is another factor that led to the loss of the websites rankings in Google, so that links to and from spammers or "bad neighbors" are also dangerous.
Overall, the Penguin does not update brings changes that Google could be regarded as inappropriate. Google has implemented this algorithm just to catch hackers attempting tricky ways to get into the search results. If any (or all) items fit your case, you probably applied your efforts to obtain the rating is no longer enough.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How I Started Making $3,000 a Month Blogging About Travel

It has been about one full year since I started blogging about travel, and I have started to generate $3,000 or more a month via my travel blogs.

My very first post was published on May, 4th, 2010, and it was nothing but grammar mistakes and partaking in an activity that I really don’t enjoy: writing. I’m telling you this because even though I am a horrible writer, English os not my first language, and I need other people to proofread my work, I’m proof that you really don’t have to be the best at something in order to do make money via your blog. I have started to make at least $3,000 a month via my main travel blog, wanderingtrader.com.

Initially, I started my blog to capture traffic for a day trading business that I was running. I wanted to get more people interested in day trading and, well, get more sales. What it turned into was my own personal travel blog about my passion for travel, and tips about day trading and travel. My whole blogging strategy is based on exposure; you might have read my post about focusing on quantity of traffic instead of quality when you first start out.

There are a million posts on ProBlogger about making money blogging online and frankly almost everyone online makes money the same way. It seems there aren’t very many new ways that bloggers can make money from blogs. Darren wrote a great post on how bloggers make money from blogs if you are interested in learning your different options.

Instead of talking about ways to make money blogging I’m going to share how I managed to start making $3,000 a month via my travel blog in less than a year. I consider it ten months, really, since I took two months off when I got extremely frustrated by a small change in my blog design that crippled the traffic to my main blog. The list below is what I started focusing on, in order of importance.

There are some instances where you find advertisers, but for the most part advertisers find you.

Once you have the right criteria you are eligible for a range of money making options with your blog. The most important thing is getting your name out there. You want to try to focus on guest posts, SEO, and getting on every single blog list that’s related to your niche. The more people who see your blog, the more likely it’ll be that advertisers will find you as well. Below are some examples of the travel-related lists that my blogs are listed on on.

By working on exposure, authority will come naturally. You want to be careful how quickly you build your authority online, because you can’t become an expert in your niche if you only launched your website yesterday.

Creating solid authority for yourself, and advertisers will know that you have a website that is both legitimate and powerful in the niche you’re covering. If you achieve enough exposure, and have good authority, then you may be considered for things like a press trip. That’s a bonus that might be restricted to the travel niche, but you get the idea.

How we measure authority is something of a debatable issue, since most of the lists on the web have some kind of limitation. Either way, when I have asked people specifically about this they have repeatedly given me the same information:

As I explained earlier, there was a time when I got extremely frustrated and just gave up. A redesign to my blog caused me to take a giant hit from Google, and I was extremely annoyed. I just gave up!

If I didn’t take that two- or three-month break, I might have been on my way to making double what I make now. The tactics I’ve outlined so far helped me in the very first month that I started to make money with the blog. I’ve now nearly doubled my income using the strategies I’ll share below.

When you get started blogging, you have to understand that you are the new kid on the block. There are people I know personally who have been blogging for five to ten years, and I call these people the Rat Pack. They’re the cool kids on the block that you want to get to know and work with.

How did you feel when you met that new kid in your class back in school? The way for them to succeed was to avoid being pushy or asking for too much. They had to be part of the community.

I made the new-kid mistake of approaching people the wrong way, and asking for things I shouldn’t have. Luckily I had a few bloggers point me in the right direction, and that allowed me to get to where I am today. Be engaging, but not demanding. Be interested, but not needy. It’s all about being part of the community and not trying to force your way into the cool kids’ group.

By interacting with the Rat Pack, you’ll open yourself to an extensive group of people who already know how things work and can share best practices. Since these people already have exposure, that may allow you to take a shortcut when you are ready to start making money with your blog. By talking to other bloggers in the field, I went from zero advertisers to having a list of over 60. Use the tools above for exposure and authority to find the Rat Pack in your niche.

I’m busy, the guy at Mcdonald’s is busy, your kids are busy. I get it, you’re busy. When I first started blogging I was running a day trading business, traveling around the world, day trading, and running my blog. How did I handle all of this? I hired help. I found what now is a team of employees overseas that I pay to do a lot of the admin and back-office work for me.

The old adage is really true: it takes money to make money. While you may not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to invest in getting someone to help you, you may be able to afford, say, $100 a month. Understand that your time is money. By outsourcing mundane tasks—even if it’s just a few hours’ work a week—you will free up your time to do more important things, like creating quality content and thinking of better ways to make money with your blog.

The one goal I had for my blog was to break even. Any business or blog that you create should at least break even. You’re not going to be doing something for very long if you keep losing money. I pay a team of two people a total of $510 a month for roughly 45-50 hours a week of work. Just imagine the things I can accomplish during that timeframe!

After you have successfully started making money with one site, you can continue on to other ventures to increase your income and your online empire.

Think about expanding to other niches online. My main niche is travel which is absolutely massive. I now am branching out to my other passion, which is day trading. I have started an Online Day Trading Academy to help others, and now I can blog about day trading and travel across two sites, which will significantly increase my exposure online.

What about you? Are you making money from your blog yet? Which of these strategies do you use?

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